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PEAK-Service gives you flexibility in response to staffing issues

One of our clients was facing a tricky situation with its field service team. The company had decided on a hiring freeze because of the unstable market, but this meant that they couldn’t replace field service team members who retired, went on long-term leave, or transferred to other teams. The field service team was stretched thin and it was difficult to cover both high-value jobs, such as urgent repairs and installation, and regular jobs, such as planned maintenance.

PEAK-Service provided the solution.

The client and PEAK-Service entered into a strategic partnership that allows the client to cover the whole range of field service jobs. PEAK-Service engineers and specialists fill the gaps in the field service team and even permit gearing up and down in response to market circumstances.

The PEAK-Service team members focus on regular, strictly defined jobs, such as planned maintenance, allowing the client’s core field service team members to focus on urgent repairs, installations, and application support. Naturally, the highly trained PEAK-Service workforce can also assist with such high-value projects.

PEAK-Service forms a flexible layer around the clients’ own workforce, covering 10 to 15% of the annual required field service capacity. It allows the client to size up and down in response to market circumstances and takes away the stress from their overworked team.

  • PEAK-Service allows you to respond quickly and easily to human resources challenges.
  • Our field service agents can perform all your routine planned maintenance tasks according to your documentation and maintenance quality guidelines, leaving your experts free for high-value projects.
  • PEAK-Service acts in your name in front of your clients, and conveys your brand with your colors, logo, and documentation.
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"We leverage synergies by providing scalable service solutions, allowing our partners to focus on their core business."

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