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Expand your reach

PEAK-Service allows you to have one service partner with a global reach

Service and maintenance of medical devices has always been complex, but regular compliance regarding service status of the equipment and incident reporting is becoming more stringent every year. If you are working with multiple service partners around the world and each one has its own business process, you could be dealing with a major compliance risk, not to mention a huge challenge from a service partner management perspective.

PEAK-Service has an excellent and well-established service infrastructure worldwide. This gives you a unique opportunity to work with a single service partner that covers all of your service needs wherever you are.

PEAK-Service offers one process for its activities around the globe. This process is anchored in our service management software system and is accessible to you through a web portal. This gives you the possibility to have real-time access to information, such as instrument status, used parts, and the allocated engineer, as well as all of the corresponding service documentation.

Apart from creating full transparency in the business relationship, working with PEAK creates substantial savings in regulatory and quality assurance work. We guarantee compliance according the latest standards because we know how important that is to you.

  • PEAK-Service is a one-stop solution provider with a global reach.
  • Our services are in line with global standards and reported according to the agreed and necessary performance indicators.
  • Whether you’re already operating on a worldwide scale or in the process of expanding, PEAK-Service is here to be your partner.
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"We leverage synergies by providing scalable service solutions, allowing our partners to focus on their core business."

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