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Focus on value-added work

PEAK-Service lets you put your engineers where you need them most

Installing healthcare equipment is a time-consuming process for field-service teams, especially considering the need to carefully integrate complex instruments into the hospital workflow. An analysis by PEAK-Service showed that much of the installation-related work is routine – removing old equipment, unpacking, aligning units and tracks, cabling and so on. Field service teams can end up spending considerable time on site dealing with the whole installation process.

This is exactly what one of PEAK-Service’s clients was dealing with. Each install required 2 or 3 engineers on site for 2 weeks or even longer. Those engineers were then not available for repair or maintenance calls in their normal service region. This made planning resources difficult and led to a backlog, which in turn meant the field service engineers were under a lot of stress, coping with emergency work and travel.

PEAK-Service could easily take away much of this stress by simply taking on all of the routine installation work. This client’s healthcare equipment installations are now performed one of its engineers, who acts as the lead engineer and does the specialist aspects of the installation, such as performance qualification, and one or two PEAK-Service engineers who take care of all the routine aspects.

Installations are still performed with the client’s field service engineers involved, but the client has an easier time planning resources, the backlog has been eliminated, and the field service engineers are no longer operating under such stress.

  • PEAK-Service can take on your non-value adding work, freeing up your experts for more essential tasks.
  • PEAK-Service team members can work under your engineers’ guidance, taking on a broad variety of tasks.
  • From your clients’ point of view, it is still your field service team performing the installation.
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"We leverage synergies by providing scalable service solutions, allowing our partners to focus on their core business."

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