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Spare Part Management & Logistics

Technical equipment service is not only about having qualified service specialists on call, but also about having a highly effective parts logistics system in place. Thanks to our unique distribution infrastructure in Europe and the United States, PEAK-Service is one of the few companies that can globally offer logistics services on behalf of our clients.

Our logistic services cover key needs, such as:

  • Parts and instruments related to active and phased-out product lines
  • US companies entering the EU market and needing a (temporary) EU logistics hub, vice versa
  • Loaner pools, demo pools, and pools used for clinical studies and workshop services
  • Emergency handling of car kits and tool kits

PEAK-Service provides logistics options for the management of consignment stocks of spare parts and equipment. Together with our logistics partners, we ensure timely delivery of parts, tools and equipment and ensure compliance with service level agreements .

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